Episode 56_Skin Care and Confidence Boost After Surgery
with Natalie Roberts

After Weight Loss Surgery, most people’s concerns revolve around excess skin and the risk of scars. However, competing in the bodybuilding arena might be an entirely different story.

Rejoining us today is World Beauty Fitness Fashion- Australia Transformation Winner 2022, Natalie Roberts. She shares how her reconstructive surgery not only reshaped her body but also boosted her confidence. With research, systematic planning, and the right mindset, she overcame her fears and became who she is today.

While surgery isn’t the answer to everything, we’ll show you how it creates bigger opportunities for you, just like Natalie did.

  • Natalie’s story from weight loss to reconstructive surgery
  • Choosing between a cosmetic surgeon vs a plastic surgeon
  • The importance of working closely with your surgeon
  • Choosing between her skin or her scars
  • Being methodical to have a healthy recovery mindset
  • How the surgery challenged her to open to more opportunities
  • Her definition of a healthy body
  • Advice for people planning to undergo reconstructive surgery

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