Welcome to the Australian Weight Loss Surgery Podcast – Home of all things related to the Bariatric Surgery Journey.
Whether you are preparing for your surgery, looking into obesity surgery options, or just continuing to keep health and wellness top of mind along the WLS journey, we intend to find most of your answers here.

Clinical Nutritionist Jacqui Lewis (BHSc, Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) talks candidly with the leaders in the Bariatric Field in Australia and beyond. The three main objectives of the Australian WLS podcast are to provide evidenced-based education for patients and practitioners and personal stories of the journey itself, with some fun and laughter along the way!

Explore our range of personal stories from food addiction to healing to cancer and WLS – all as inspiring as the next. Each episode aims to broaden the understanding of Surgical Weight Loss and the Lifestyle needed to make for long-term success picture.



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Jacqui Lewis Clinical Nutritionist

About Me

I have a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine. I put much of my time into education to support patients along the WLS journey, with a range of personal stories positioned to inspire people who feel lost or stuck. The idea is to expose the resilience, persistence, and commitment required over the long term.

I have been a part of the WLS community for more than eight years, co-founder of BN Healthy Australia. In my previous life – I studied and practiced Health and Nutrition, Personal Fitness Training, and Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy for more than 20 years. 

My passion is supporting others to see their potential and being a stickler for making sure every fact is revealed for others to learn and implement easily!