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Proven Ways to Kick Emotional Eating to the Curb - Jacqui Lewis & Glenn Mackintosh 20/10/2021

Jacqui delves into how emotional eating affects the WLS journey with Glenn, founder of Weight Management Psychology.

Glenn is incredibly passionate about providing compassionate and innovative ideas on helping people manage their eating, physical activity, weight and body image. You may recognise him from The Biggest Loser!

Join us in exploring:

  • What is emotional eating & how it differs from just loving food!
  • How does emotional eating harm our mental health & struggle with our weight?
  • Why it’s hard to stop emotional eating?
  • Some of the nuances & challenges we often experience
  • Simple solutions to overcome emotional eating
  • Transform Support Community program

The Importance & Benefits of Exercising After WLS 09/09/2021

Join us in our bnmulti LIVE session with Jacqui and Nathan, Exercise Physiologist from Healthy Connections. Learning the importance, benefits and practical ways to exercise after WLS.🥰.

Questions with Jacqui 3th August 2021 03/08/2021

Focus on Your Daily Protein Goal

1.Is there an app you recommend for calculating how much protein is in the meals you’ve prepared. Thank you.

2. Does anyone take additional Magnesium supplements for muscle cramps on top of their BN Multi??? If so, which one do you take?

And much More ….

Questions with Jacqui 28th July 2021 13/07/2021

We have a special guest for the LIVE – Debbie Wullschleger, counsellor and coach, mindset and transformational specialist. Chatting with Jacqui about their recent podcast and introducing her monthly 12-week transformation program for WLS success🥰.

Questions with Jacqui 20th July 2021 06/07/2021

Topic of the week:Carbs and Calories

1. I’m not counting anything, just trying to get protein in. (Not eating atm due to all these constant medical conditions popping up)…

2. I generally try to eat mostly protein, some good fats and minimal carbs. Try not to go over about 11-12g of sugar in a serve or I get sick. I’d be surprised if I’ve gone over 1500 calories in a day since my bypass in December. I’d say like 60% of my protein comes from coffee, tea etc though. Food is meh.

3.My husband has recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so whilst I knew a bit I now

And much More ….

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 13/07/2021

Although some of us may have already heard about the benefits of focusing on your mindset and gratitude, we figured after the year we’ve had, it bears repeating😉.

Gratitude is a deep appreciation; it can be as small as appreciating the sunny weather or as important as gratitude for your health and family🥰.

In the LIVE session, Jacqui will discuss the mindset and gratitude and explore how you can journal. Also, the benefits of journaling to explore your inner story, beliefs and values and nut out where we need to create change😍.

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 06/07/2021

Topic of the week: Eating Salad for lunch – Making Salad Satisfying

👩‍🍳 Spring Sensations Salads in a jar 🥗 🥗

👨‍🍳Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes 🥗 🥗

1. I’d like some ideas for salads for none salad people. I’m not a fan. I tend to prefer cooked vegetables not salads. Is this just a mental thing? Maybe I need to re define what a salad is? I’d love some thoughts.

2.I tend to use the word poke bowls as opposed to the word salad. It has mixture of everything and super delish!

And much More ….

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 30/06/2021


– Tracking your Weight Loss Post-Surgery

– Tips for finding the most nutritious recipes online.

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 1/06/2021

Winter Cooking – how to feel satisfied without craving Carbs

1. Hi, Jacqui just wondering at 2.Is there anyone that gets left shoulder pain after they have eaten

3. I’m wondering how much fluids is too much? I seem to have no issues drinking a liter of water over say…

4.Is it ok to take laxatives after sleeve John Hazelwood asked a question in BN Bariatric…. 

And much more 

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 25/05/2021

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Inspiring and Motivation Stories

1.Meal prep, having snacks in the fridge ready, boiled eggs .. etc portion-sized bagged up snacks ready to go?

2.Trust the process – we all lose from different places at different speeds but it does eventually happen if you trust the process and follow your dietician and doctor’s instructions?

And much more.

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 18/05/2021

Topic of the week: Blood testing after WLS

1. 9 days post-op – sipping – how do you sip – I just want to guzzle all the water. I don’t know if I’m hungry, thirsty, tired, I know I’m confused as all shit! …

2. There any difference in the efficacy of BN chewable vs capsule multi? (Sleeve here).

3.Hey there my dietician recommended I spray this B12 supp in my mouth once a week… 

And much more 

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 11/05/2021

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Top Tips for healthier cooking

1.What does the research say about probiotics after sleeve?

2. I bought some Bee Pollen as I was impressed with the claimed benefits, mainly the amount of protein and the anti-inflammatory benefits. Has anyone else tried this product and what did you think of it?

And much more.

The anti-inflammatory cook book with Chrissy Freer 04/05/2021

“What is all the talk about “Inflammation”?
What’s the big deal?
How does it happen
What happens when its let run wild
What sorts of foods and actions drive inflammation
What foods are we looking at to support Anti Inflammatory lifestyle
What can we expect to see if we do that consistently?
Intro Chrissy
Chrissy Freer is a registered nutritionist RNutr (B App Sc Nut, M Human Nut).

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 27/04/2021


1.Question regarding restriction. (Sleeve) Why is it some days it can feel like we can eat heaps without feeling full or pain but other days can feel quite restricted?..??

2.Just wondering what is the maximum amount of protein the body can absorb from one meal? (eg: is using 2 x 15gm scoops workable, or even 3?) Many thanks ?? And much more.

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 20/04/2021


Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. I live alone and find evenings are the hardest to get through I know I’m not hungry but I find myself wanting to eat I really have to distract myself. 

2. My problem is when I’m home alone I don’t eat three meals a day most days I skip breaky and lunch Maybe only a nibble through the day that is it, always have dinner tho, and I don’t drink hardly any water. 

3. Can you have coffee, if so how much can you drink??

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 13/04/2021

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: regain weight after surgery Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. I was sleeved 28th Jan 2021 and apart from constipation and not being able to eat “real” food I have been losing weight steadily 17kgs.  ..??

2 Milk! Which do you have, and why?…??

3. Anyone had sugar intolerance since having surgery. I’m nearly one year post-op and have noticed that if I eat anything with sugar I get sickly, nausea,.?? And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 31/03/2021

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Eating well for the Bariatric Patient.

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1.I am really struggling atm as I have just been told I have reactive hypoglycaemia. I have just restarted seeing a dietitian but can’t eat all the foods recommended….??

2. Does anyone else suffer from irregular bowel movement and constipation. I am almost 2 years post-op and since having my excess skin removed in October this seems to be a problem. .??

3. Hi Group I was wondering if anyone would happen to have a copy of the list of medications that we aren’t allowed to have after our sleeves and bypasses, please. ..??

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 23/03/2021

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Energy and Fatigue after surgery

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1 . Does anyone else suffer from irregular bowel movements and constipation. I am almost 2 years post-op and since having my excess skin removed in October this seems …??

2. Who here feels thirsty all the time? How long did it last? And what surgery did you have…??

3. Hi there, I’m looking for some advice on exercise post-surgery, please.?? And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 9/03/2021

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Reflux, digestion issues.

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1..Could you please cover the correct way to take the vitamins/supplements to ensure the best therapeutic levels and absorption is achieved..??

2. .I’ve just had blood tests done but waiting to see my BGP for results on the 19th but these past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling really off. I’ve got a bloated stomach, I’m really tired and I’m sleeping at every opportunity ..??

3. Feeling hot after eating which can last for up to 10 minutes, 18 months post-op. What’s wrong with me ..??

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 2/03/2021


Jacqui answers the following questions:

1 . I am only 2 and half weeks post-op but can’t get my head around snacking between trying to have three small meals …??

2. Are low carb, high protein bars (Aitkin bars), or protein balls really a good choice…??

3. Can’t do peanuts or peanut butter anymore, makes me nauseous.??And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 23/02/2021


Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. I have heard differing opinions about when to take various supplements/ vitamins, i.e. with or without food, not calcium with iron..??

2. just a quick question and I’m sure a lot of people have the same question, after being so big for so long and now that ..??

3. Hi, did anyone experience a flare-up of glandular fever or the like after WLS? Just wondering if my immunity has weakened and the virus has gone yippee!!

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 17/02/2021


Jacqui answers the following questions:

1 My biggest problem pre-operation was cards. I had my bypass in November 2020, and am still struggling to cut them down…??

2. I am only taking in about 900 to 1000 in carbs and not much protein…??

3. I’m 6 months post VSG and am finding a can eat a lot more, approx..??

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 09/02/2021


Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. I’ve suffered from depression on and off for about 25 yrs now, just prior to my surgery I was in an ok state of mind ..??

2. Just wondering if you wouldn’t mind explaining more about the extra nutrients and supplements required when taking Dexamphetamine..??

3. My Reflux is extreme. I’m wanting to hear from anyone who has had curoplasty surgery, please? Did it fix the problem?


Questions with Jacqui LIVE 03/02/2021

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: NO-Alcohol Challenge

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. Can I take this vitamin supplement 3 times a day as sometimes I get tired throughout the day..??

2. Can my 83-year-old Mum take these Vitamins as her diet isn’t the best..??

3. My Reflux is extreme. I’m wanting to hear from anyone who has had curoplasty surgery, please? Did it fix the problem?

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 19/01/2021

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Hair Loss in the Bariatric Community

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1.  Is it possible to stretch your stomach

2. I have no idea what to eat, really struggling mentally

3. I had a gastric bypass approx 2.5yrs ago. I have had continuous hair loss since this.

4. Does anyone have any tips for me to get back on track?

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 12/01/2021

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Sugar…What’s the big deal?

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. Sugar makes even tea taste good. Have greatly reduced but How do I drop it entirely?

2. How much is too much sugar for us now with a tiny stomach’s

3. How can you “kill” the sugar cravings. I can’t stop snacking on chocolate 9/10 times it makes me literally sick but even that doesn’t stop me …think I’ve got a bit of a problem here

4. Have not had sugar for 6 weeks. I used to use buckets.

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 05/01/2021

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. No Energy

2. Exercise/ Not enough Sleep 

3. Which is the best exercise after WLS (Yin Yoga, Pilates, Cardio)

4. High Caffeine beta-alanine pre-workout to boost energy

5. Weight loss with several plateaus

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 22/12/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. Hi there, can you please advise me on the 3-week stall..much appreciated.

2. Hi everyone, just curious if anyone else has experienced the following. Whenever I eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners in it, I get varying degrees of feeling ill, up to stomach issues (not excess consumption).

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 15/12/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. I’m currently in the purée stage and about to start soft foods….what is the recommended amount of protein to aim for at each meal once I’m able to easily measure this

2. I would like to know if you will be having a session on what happens when you lose weight and you can’t control your cravings and start eating food such as chocolate again and you can’t stop. Thanks

3. I’d like some information on fuelling for weight training please because I’m either hungry or dizzy. There isn’t a happy medium .

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 02/12/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. Snacking foods

2. I developed bursitis in the left hip and had a cortisone injection this morning. I think I got dumping syndrome from this. Is it possible???

3. Can we talk cheese! Which cheese is best to eat, protein, fat, and salt. How much cheese is an acceptable amount to eat?

4. My question is about the amount of hair loss I am getting. Taking extra vitamins but coming out in handfuls.

5. I’m below my goal and want to maintain but unsure how to!

6. I’m just wondering what everyone does/ takes for the hunger feeling and bloating?? I’m 15 months PO and for the last 2 weeks I’m constantly bloated and hungry and the weight isn’t moving… it’s starting to really get to me!!

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 24/11/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. I wanted to ask whether there is a percentage of people that don’t lose the average 35-40% of their body weight after bypass surgery and what percentage of patients don’t lose this amount of weight despite doing everything they are supposed to do.

2. I’m looking for a multivitamin capsule not containing iron. Can you please make a recommendation?

3. Can you shed light on why I’m hungry half an hour after eating dinner? I’m 2 years post-op and it doesn’t matter if how are what I’m eating at dinner. I am still hungry shortly after. 

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 17/11/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. Hi all! I’m 6 weeks post-op bypass with a minimizer ring! I really wanna have a drink (vodka and orange juice maybe) and wondering if that would be harmful to my new stomach??

2. Ok, weird question but has anyone become obsessed with a certain food post-op. I’m now 12 months post-op and I’m obsessed with crunchy peanut butter. Before I could go months without eating it now I’m eating it by the bucket loads (over-exaggeration but it certainly feels like I am) I have to have it on toast at least once a day or half a sandwich.

3. What are some great books regarding WLS that helped you or gave you inspiration?

4. Hi, What is the Honeymoon period & why is this called the Honeymoon?

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 11/11/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. Is there a difference in the absorption of multivitamins depending on which one I have and how I take them? 

2. Should I be having stomach pains after eating certain foods followed by diarrhea?

3. How long does/should it take for drinks/fluids to pass through your stomach (sleeved)? I want to make sure I’m not drinking too fast and damaging my sleeve 

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 03/11/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. What is the reason for the waiting period to have a drink before and after eating? What is the optimal time to wait?

2. I take anti-depressants, does a smaller stomach affect the absorption of the medication and the effectiveness???

3. I often wonder as I feel like I’m high as a kite after I take my pills in the morning. The same dose at 60kg as when I was 173kg…seems a lot

4. Can you talk a bit about cholesterol, why would the surgeon not be worried about it being high and my local GP is?

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 27/10/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. Why do some bariatric surgeons say “yes” to fizzy drinks and others say “no”?

2. Why do the scales stop moving but the cm is shrinking?

3. I have had two weight loss surgeries but no weight loss. All the women in my family are plus size, is it hereditary?

4. Is it protein for muscle and collagen for skin and connective tissues?

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 20/10/2020

Jacqui chats with Anthony helps to uncover our BLINKERS – beliefs that no longer serve us, and stop us from achieving at our full potential.

Join us for a chat about how you can crack those habits you just can’t seem to break no matter how much WILLPOWER you apply!

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 13/10/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. During the strict shake diet are you allowed to drink water?

2. I am 9 months P/op and have started to get infrequent reflux at first I put it down at trying to put too much in and too quickly, have you noticed anything similar.

3. My dietician told me that depression and anxiety can be linked to bad gut bacteria health.

4. I am due to go in for a gastric bypass tomorrow to try and fix my reflux and grazing/weight gain to combat the reflux. How can I prevent the same issues I had with hair thinning this time round? 

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 6/10/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. How someone who wants to weight train consistently and heavy can get in enough protein when the amount able to be consumed at one time is so small.

2. How does menopause impact on women after bariatric surgery? Is there anything we need to watch for?

3. Knowing when you are actually hungry…

And much more…

Jacqui and Verdi Verdura LIVE 28/09/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. I’m 20 days PO and on purée. I find most food I e tried so far goes in ok but when it hits my gut I have pain. 1 tea sp of mashed egg and later less than 1/4 cup pumpkin soup and I don’t want to eat ever again. But I’m getting up in the morning and am so dizzy I feel like I could pass out. It’s not always because of low blood pressure. How can I manage 5x 1/4 cup of food?

2. Jacqui suggestions for best choice meals when dining out? For example, we’re going to an Indian restaurant on Friday night. How to choose the best meal for a bari postop. What to avoid etc. are papadums ok and so on

3. I am a soon to be newbie gastric bypass…2/10. Does anyone take blood pressure tablets and other slow-release meds? If so not sure how I can take them as they cannot be crushed…any advice?

4. I first I had beautiful thick hair and told it will thin out a bit lol a shock from the op, lol which in some areas hair is very thin. I am told by the surgeon that it will take 12mths to grow back. Has this happened to you?

5. I’m 2yrs post gastric bypass and wondering if I still need to be counting my daily protein levels?

And much more…

Jacqui and Kate Save LIVE 15/09/2020

Jacqui and Kate answer the following questions:

1. How do I get the protein int hat I need to grow/retain muscle?

2. Is 2 optifast shakes plus protein powder in something else enough nutrition? I’m 6 days po

3. Can drinking too fast hurt your new sleeve?

4. I am always hungry (except after gym). Not eating crap food but hungry … I drink heaps of water. So what’s up with that…

5. Should I be concerned, I’m 11 days post bypass and in the last 4 days I’ve gained a kilo?

6. 18 months out and have rapidly regained 10kgs. Back in touch with surgeon and he has asked me to just have 3 meals a day (plus totally off all my binge triggering slider foods and soft drink) just started and I feel so hungry all the time. Any advice? 

And much more…

Jacqui and BN Bariatric group's members LIVE 08/09/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. Is it ok to drink Diet Pepsi or soda water? 2. Do I take my normal daily medication the day after surgery? I’m just wondering what happens.
3. I’m 3 weeks post-op a bypass, lost weight first 2 weeks but 3rd week nothing! Is this normal?
4. Gut health. How do we fix it when there seems to be none.
5. I am starting the puree stage and struggling with what I can eat.
6. Have any ladies had any hormonal issues with the sleeve? My moods are chaos and I’m suffering from generalized anxiety. I take contraception and antidepressants for these issues but it’s not working. I had an iron infusion about 8 weeks ago and lost my cat 2 weeks ago. So just wondering if I should be taking some other vitamins other than the multi and iron.

7. Reading Nutrition Labels after Bariatric Surgery

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 1/09/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. How to increase calcium.
2. Has anyone had low ferritin and has it improved through supplements or did you get the transfusion? 
3. Blood pressure Did yours change after your WLS? Is it something anyone else has noticed? Any tips?
4. Are ajitas vege crisps ok to eat as a snack?
5. Curious to know what others enjoyed and recommend eating 6 weeks post op? When did you start re introducing “normal” foods and what did you start with?
6. How to overcome constipation and painful pooping. 

And much more…

Jacqui and Antigone Kouris LIVE 25/08/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. Should I be taking the multivitamin while on pre-op diet?
2. Exercise
3. I was told if I drink anything fizzy like soda water or Pepsi max that the likelihood of the surgery failing overtime increases- is this true?
4. Is the BN Multi twice a day enough after bypass?

And much more…

Jacqui and Amber Kay LIVE 18/08/2020

Jacqui talks with Amber Kay: co-author of Get back on track after WLS, and founder of the “stop mindless eating and fresh start programs.

Filled with mind-shifting and empowering insights, strategies, tools, tips, and activities, this book will teach you:
– The Powerful importance of focusing on what you want rather than worrying about things you don’t want;
– How to mentally and emotionally make your health your number one priority in order to get the results you want;
– How to create a new supportive identity that will set you up for success;
– The keys to breaking stubborn habits, such as emotional eating, once and for all;
– Smart strategies around stress management, nutrition, and movement
And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 11/08/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. I’m getting super hungry at night, probably because I’m not eating enough during the day. Do you have any hacks for getting more nutrition in early in the day when I don’t feel hunger? 2. Has anyone used the skin, nails, and hair supplements? Are they any help? I have weak nails always have, could they help as I’m also concerned about potential hair loss. If you do which ones do you use? 3. I am 17 day post-op, other the bn multi, what other vitamins should I take?

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 4/08/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. I would like to know more about voltaren after weightloss surgery. I have read different opinions and my surgeon said to recommence them now and I am 5weeks post-op. Would taking them short term be ok. Also, what would be the alternative besides paracetamol?
2. I am 17 months post sleeve and I still struggle to drink plain water. I love protein water but I have also found mineral water really refreshing. I really enjoy mineral water with a twist of fruit flavour. Can you please tell me if Mineral water is a good alternative to plain water?
3. I am 6 months post sleeve and I was advised to have 90 gms of protein daily. I have now lost 27 kg, should I still have 90 gms daily or reduce it.
4. Can I take BN Multis whilst breastfeeding? 🙂
5. Can you recommend diet tweaks to accommodate pancreatitis?
6. Are the surgery recovery and types of food you can eat similar between the sleeve and bypass.?
And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 28/07/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. My question is when is the best time to take my multi? Before a meal, during or after? And with other vitamins is this the same?

2. My surgery date is Tuesday the 11th of August when is the right day to start my 2 week optifast diet next Monday or Tuesday?

3. My surgeon has said not to worry about the preop diet as I’m not too heavy to start. I assume this is ok?

4. My question is about supplements to take while pregnant. Do I keep taking what I have, multivitamin, B12, folic acid, zinc, vitamin D, and calcium and add a pregnancy vitamin or do I swap out the multivitamin for a pregnancy one? 

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 21/07/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. Is it okay to have protein bars and shakes daily and which one would you recommend?

2. Is there any side effects if you don’t take vitamins. I haven’t taken for a few months now. Any suggestions or ideas?

3. I may do a gym work out maybe once a month. All I want to do is eat sleep for the week no energy or motivation to do anything else. Can you suggest anything that may help me change this habit/cycle.

4. Nutrition/ eating plans post sleeve to support training for big events specifically in my case 1/2 Marathon

5. I’d be interested in how to deal with “stalls” and what we can do to break them and get back in track…. 

And much more…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 13/07/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. How long different foods take to be digested?

2. I’m a year post-op and have started to lose weight again after starting work full time. I’m having hot and cold flushes all the time. I had that at the beginning after surgery. Anything I can do to stop them? Feel like I’m going through menopause again

3. Hi Everyone. Does anyone know about us having to have a medical alert bracelet saying about having Gastric sleeve and saying “No Blind NG Tube”

4. Hi everyone! I’m nearly 4 weeks post-op and nearly into the soft food stage !!! The only problem is that I have stalled for nearly 2 weeks and was wondering if anyone can give me some pointers? I’m getting married in September and I’m a little nervous if I don’t lose weight in time.. not all of it but some

5. I am 4 weeks post-op and on Somac for reflux (which I haven’t had a problem with thank goodness). Can anyone tell me if this med will be a permanent thing?

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 06/07/2020

Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. 3.5 weeks p.o and am on soft foods. How many grams per meal should I be eating? And how many calories per day?

2. Hi just wondering if it’s normal to feel sick after most meals and water. I have found this in the last few weeks. I’m 7 weeks post-op

3. Is it normal to feel sick every time you eat or drink water at post-op for 8 weeks? I feel sick almost instantly after 2nd bite. I do not eat and drink at the same time. I have been feeling like this for about 2 weeks.

4. How long do the headaches last?

5. I’m 7 weeks post-op and I’m struggling with what vitamins to take? I am also losing a lot of my hair.

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 29/06/2020

Introduction to the 50 foods bnmulti challenge. Orange foods and their benefits.

Questions: Jacqui answers the following questions:

1. What foods assist in the uptake of your multi vs. Secondly how does your vitamin uptake change for over 50s post menopause 2. How long does it take for your body to acclimatize after a massive weight loss? 3. Why is it that I can’t keep my bn multi-cap down after breakfast, but it’s fine later in the day? 4. I understand we should be careful with proteins and other supps but I wondered about these which have popped up in my feed lately – do you have any advice on whether any or all may interfere with my BN Multi? 5. Just wondering if the chewable multivitamins can be dissolved at all. 6. After bypass (revision), how long before changing from chewable to capsule and what is the flavour of the chewables? 7. If I already take a Vitamin D and Iron tablet (due to being low), will the BN multi replace these after my surgery (sleeve to bypass)?

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 22/06/2020

Introduction to the 50 foods bnmulti challenge. Red foods and their benefits

Counting calories

Anti-inflammatories after surgery

Diabet and weight loss after surgery

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 15/06/2020

Introduction to the 50 foods bnmulti challenge. Purple foods and their benefits.

Topics: Exercise Importance of a Good sleep (sleep hygiene) How much sugar and carbs are acceptable The week’s winners of the challenge 🙂

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 8/06/2020

Introduction to ”The 50 foods bnmulti challenge”

How to get enough fluids during the day

Diet Plan to follow

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 1/06/2020

Protein Intake – If you have too much protein, it can prevent you to lose weight…

Calories Intake 

Best plant-based protein

Source of collagen…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 22/05/2020

How much Protein do you need every day?

what are the best Multi-Vitamins for WLS patients?…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 15/05/2020


Blood check

Saggy skin

the best time to take your Vitamins…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 8/05/2020

Hunger Problems

Do you drink enough water?

Do you have enough fibre in your diet?…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 1/05/2020




Hair Loss after WLS…

Questions with Jacqui LIVE 24/04/2020

Protein in plant-based diet

Protein Water

Tips and Tricks how to lose weight…

Emotional Eating with Glenn Mackintosh

Glenn Mackintosh will reveal Helpful tips and insights into stress / emotional eating and how to manage our new normal and still progress along your WLS journey!

Weight Management Psychology clinic: 


Thinsanity: 7 Steps to Transform Your Mindset and Say Goodbye to Dieting Forever: 


Cooking Leftovers

Don’t think “Leftovers” think “Ingredients”!

Cook additional vegetables (stir fry, roast, or steam) and then use in dishes during the week such as frittatas, quiches, salads, mince, soups. Want to make a batch of mince go further – add a tin of lentils, chickpeas or beans to the dish with lots of grated vegetables (mushrooms, carrots, zucchini), this bulks up the mince, adds additional protein and fibre, and can be added into your lunch or dinner menu plan and can be frozen.

Save time!