Episode 61_Restoring Confidence after a Bariatric Surgery with Jeannie Boyers

To succeed in weight management, you must have determination, perseverance, and a respectable dietitian.

Jeannie Boyers has been a registered dietitian for nearly 20 years and is board certified in obesity and weight management. Today, Jeannie will talk about how she helps her clients restore their confidence and reconnect with their bari-roots. Even miles away, Jeannie helps many clients through the online world and loves what she does.

Learn more as we walk through the path to bariatric success.

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  • How Jeannie became involved in bariatric care
  • One should not measure success by how much weight one loses
  • Jeannie’s way of motivating her clients in their bariatric journey
  • Jeannie’s philosophy regarding nutrition after surgery
  • Managing holiday food intake before and after surgery
  • Challenges before and after surgery
  • The importance of having a maintenance schedule after surgery
  • Protein drinks and weight loss
  • The beauty of the internet when it comes to long-term support for patients

Jeannie Boyers is a registered dietitian, licensed in South Carolina, with over 10 years of experience with weight loss and weight management and a background in clinical nutrition. She obtained her BS in nutrition from East Tennessee State University, followed by a dietetic internship at Emory Hospitals in Atlanta, GA. Jeannie spent many years working with a bariatric practice in California before moving back to the south and is excited to continue working with weight management.

She is a regular contributor and speaker with BariNation (an online platform for bariatric patients to connect, learn, and grow with experts and peers). She has written for Obesity Help and Weight Matters Magazine.

Jeannie strives to ensure patients feel empowered, motivated and supported along their weight loss and maintenance journey. She takes time to listen to each patient and note their challenges. You can rest assured that the counselling you receive is based on research and proven in real-world practice.

You may find Jeannie in the kitchen playing with new recipes or outside enjoying nature with her son and husband when not in the office.


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