Overcome the Fear of Weight Loss Surgery Holistically with Karim Boktor

Weight loss is a popular topic, with many methods available to help people achieve their desired weight. However, Weight Loss Surgery still carries a stigma, causing many to avoid it due to fear of judgment and misconceptions.

Karim Boktor, a business coach and mindset expert, sheds light on this issue and emphasises adopting a holistic approach to Weight Loss Surgery. In this episode, we will explore Kareem’s personal experience and motivation for a second attempt at Weight Loss Surgery and how he overcame his challenges to help others find success and fulfilment.

Karim shares his personal story of starting a business while his wife was about to have a baby, leading to deteriorating mental health and feelings of failure. He also discusses his experiences as an immigrant to Australia, including discrimination and struggles with studies.

Listen to Karim Boktor, a business coach and mindset expert, as he shares his experience with weight loss surgery and sheds light on the stigma surrounding it. Discover how he overcame his challenges and now helps others find success and fulfilment.

  • Karim Boktor’s journey from business struggles to success
  • Immigrating to Australia with challenges of finance, language, and bullying at school
  • Understanding the unconscious mind and emotional regulation
  • Weight loss stigma and holistic weight loss surgery
  • Karim’s weight loss surgery journey: second attempt, motivation, and responsibility
  • Overcoming scepticism and replacing negative constructs with positive ones
  • Coaching helps with success after overcoming problems
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Karim Boktor is an experienced trainer and coach in the personal and professional performance field. He works with business owners & leaders, academics, and individuals wanting to unlock and enhance latent potential using the latest human behaviour technologies. 

 As an experienced sales executive in one of the highest regarded fields, having run his businesses and achieved his Master in Business  (MBA), Karim has applied knowledge of running and growing a  business.  

Trained in applied psychology, Karim has worked with many small to medium businesses to help entrepreneurs with growth strategies, survive in business, thrive, and grow. 

Today Karim works with individuals and business leaders, counselling and advising the best way forward toward a happy, relaxed, and prosperous career.