Episode 60_Finding Your Metabolic Balance with Cherry Wills

When it comes to the topic of care, most of the time, we put ourselves at the bottom of the list. But this isn’t how it should be, especially after Weight Loss Surgery. While you are healing, your body needs more care than ever! After surgery, part of the self-care journey is nourishing your body with the right food. 

In this episode, I am joined by Nutritional Therapist and CEO of Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand, Cherry Wills, as she talks about the metabolic balance program. She explains what metabolic balance is, how it works, its benefits, and why you need it.

It’s not a weight loss program, but more of getting back the balance in your body program. The metabolic balance program helps you understand what food list and meal plan are right for you. However, your willingness to commit to consistency is key to making this happen.  

No other person can do this for you, practitioners may help you, but you have to want it yourself. Finding your metabolic balance begins with your commitment to searching for it. 

  • Promoting the Metabolic Balance program in Australia
  • The Metabolic Balance Program 
  • MB Program through the eyes of practitioners
  • The key foundation of the metabolic balance program 
  • 36 Parameters of the program 
  • Tailoring personalised plans 
  • The benefits of the MB Program 
  • Cherry’s journey to finding her passion for nutritional therapy and the MB program 
  • The value of having a true analysis of yourself 
  • The key to keeping the weight off
  • Cherry’s non-negotiables to help keep her consistency 
  • Approaching health programs with the right support 
  • How the MB program helps to keep the weight off 
  • The impact of metabolic balance after surgery 
  • Being creative with your recipes 
  • Empowering practitioners
  • Creating a genuine support system in the MB Program Community

Cherry Wills is a degree-qualified Nutritional Therapist passionate about helping clients have their best life. As a functional nutritional practitioner, she is passionate about supporting clients with whole food and personalised nutrition. 

She is the head practitioner and CEO of Metabolic Balance ANZ. She and her team support and train fellow natural medicine practitioners across  Australia and New Zealand to implement personalised nutrition with metabolic balance in their practices. 

Cherry loves learning, reading, research, personalised nutrition, metabolic balance, pottery, yoga, cats, word games, good friends’ company, and good food.