Aftercare in Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery with Connie Stapleton, Ph.D.

When patients seek weight loss surgery advice, long-term aftercare is often overlooked. This creates problems affecting the physical and mental health of the patient, including their relationships. 

In this episode,  we are joined by Connie Stapleton, a psychologist specialising in bariatric surgery. Today, she will discuss weight loss surgery – its psychological and emotional effects, understanding what your body needs post-surgery, and overcoming struggles in self-esteem, body image, and relationships.

Connie has helped patients with her BariAfterCare, a program that navigates patients post-bariatric surgery through proper nutrition and creating healthy coping mechanisms. 

Learn how bariatric surgery helps with your pre and post-weight loss journey. Listen now!

  • Connie’s journey in the weight loss field through bariatric surgery
  • How weight loss surgery affects you psychologically and emotionally 
  • Healthy coping skills prevent weight regain
  • Overcoming struggles in adopting a healthy diet 
  • Hormonal changes post-weight loss surgery
  • Setting personal expectations in weight loss surgery
  • Creating the coping mechanisms that best suit you
  • The impact of self-care and self-love education
  • How healthy boundaries create better communication
  • Understanding and overcoming addiction
  • How having a positive outlook changes you for the better
  • Emotional eaters before and after bariatric surgery 
  • Life-long aftercare post-bariatric surgery

Connie Stapleton, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist in Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia. She is passionate about the psychological aspects associated with weight loss and weight loss through bariatric surgery. Pre-surgical evaluations of bariatric patients and post-operative education are Connie’s expertise. 

Caroline founded BariAftercare, a program created for use by Bariatric Programs and individual patients to help them navigate the numerous changes patients face during the weeks, months, and years following bariatric surgery. Mind Prep videos, one component of the BariAftercare program, provide comprehensive pre- and post-op psychological education to optimise long-term success after weight loss surgery.

In addition to working with patients, Caroline presents nationally and internationally on bariatrics, addiction, and living a healthy lifestyle. I am a certified yoga teacher and believe in the importance of physical, mental, and spiritual self-care. 

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  • Eat It Up! The Complete Mind/Body Guide to a Full Life After Weight Loss Surgery
  • Weight Loss Surgery Does NOT Treat Food Addiction
  • Mind Prep The Book: How To Prepare for Bariatric Surgery and Live as a Healthy Post-Op