Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss Through Bariatric Surgery with Dr. Harald Puhalla

For people who have tried and failed to lose weight through traditional means, bariatric surgery can be a life-changing solution. Bariatric Surgery can help individuals achieve significant and sustainable weight loss, improve their overall health, and reduce the risk of obesity-related health issues. 

In this episode,  Dr. Harald Puhalla, a General Surgeon, specialising in Bariatric and Gastric surgeries for over 20 years.  Dr Puhalla, whose practice is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, shared that Bariatric Surgery is typically recommended for individuals with obesity-related health issues, considering factors such as previous weight loss attempts, medical history, and lifestyle. He explained that patients might revisit the possibility of qualifying for Bariatric Surgery as the guidelines for applying for Bariatric Surgery have been reviewed to make it more accessible.  Dr. Puhalla emphasised that patients may benefit from coaching and education to understand the types of procedures available and determine which might work best for them.

If you’re considering Bariatric Surgery, it’s important to consider various factors such as BMI, medical history, and lifestyle. Listen to this episode and learn more!

  • Dr.Harald Puhalla’s Bariatric Surgery practice
  • Timing for exploring Bariatric Surgery and qualifications for surgery
  • Revisiting the possibility of qualifying for Bariatric Surgery
  • Bariatric Surgery and set point
  • Helping patients understand types of procedures and coaching
  • Different types of bariatric procedures
  • Revisions to bariatric surgery
  • Tips for success from long-term bariatric patients

Dr Harald Puhalla is a General Surgeon based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. He has a private practice at the Pacific Private Clinic and performs surgeries at Gold Coast Private Hospital and Pindara Private Hospital. With over 20 years of experience in Bariatric Surgery, his specialty interests include gastric sleeve and bypass, hernia, gallbladder, hepato-biliary pancreatic and upper gastrointestinal surgery.

Originally from Austria, where he graduated in 1994 from the Medical University of Vienna, Dr Puhalla completed his specialist exams in 2002. He undertook further training in bariatric, hepato-pancreatic- biliary and upper gastrointestinal surgery in high-volume centers under the guidance of international experts in these specialties.He also completed a PhD in liver cancer and was appointed Consultant Surgeon at the University Hospital in Vienna during that time. In 2008, Dr Puhalla commenced as a General Surgeon at the Gold Coast Hospital.

Dr Puhalla is dedicated to helping his patients achieve the best possible results through high-quality care. He regularly travels overseas to further his education and training and stay updated with the latest surgical techniques. His interests extend to learning more about his specialty, and he is currently leading research ventures in his field.