Episode 54_Winning Over Your Mind After Weight Loss Surgery with Georgie Beames

Success after Weight Loss Surgery begins in mind; we’ve got to win the battle inside our heads to achieve real victory on the outside. 

In this episode, Georgie Beames, registered psychologist and Founder of the Neuro Bariatric Transformation (NBT) Program, joins us as she discusses what happens before and after weight loss surgery. We discuss the right tools and strategies to overcome the psychological struggles before and after weight loss surgery. She also shares real-life stories of her patients as they navigate life after weight loss surgery.

It’s time to create a healthier relationship with yourself and food!

  • Falling in love with Weight Loss Surgery and supporting the patients 
  • Sabotage after surgery 
  • The vicious cycle of “I don’t have the willpower.” 
  • Common sabotage themes of patients after surgery 
  • Key steps to tune in to your body
  • Internal queues 
  • Improving your relationship with food 
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping and EMDR (Eye Desensitization and Reprocessing) 
  • Taking the feelings out of the food

Georgie is a Registered Psychologist who works with WLS patients (pre and post-surgery) in the area of eating & weight and identifying & clearing key sabotage blocks that are seeing old eating habits sneaking back in after surgery. 

She worked in a WLS clinic as a key member of the team for over five years and now supports women online with the exact same tools with her  Neuro Bariatric Transformation (NBT) Program and has thousands of hours of experience working one on one, helping women to reverse the regain post surgery and start losing again.