So more about protein it must be a thing!- Chrissy Freer

Episode 36_So more about protein it must be a thing!- Chrissy Freer

Sarcopenia/muscle wasting and loss of mobility is a thing - and Chrissy Free is doing a Ph.D. on the importance of protein for those suffering inflammatory diseases like obesity. Chrissy explains the ins and outs of keeping metabolically healthy for life and applies it to the WLS community 

Chrissy Freer is a registered nutritionist RNutr (B App Sc Nut, M Human Nut), researcher, health author, and recipe creator with over 20 year’s industry experience. A member of the Nutrition Society of Australia, she initially studied nutrition as a way of combining her passion for nutrition, healthy eating, and good food. She is currently completing her Ph.D. at Deakin University (focusing on sarcopenia and fatty liver disease) to further her love of learning, research, and evidence-based nutrition.

Chrissy is passionate about helping others adopt eating habits that simply become a way of life, and creates recipes that use whole, unprocessed foods to provide balanced nutrition and include low GI, low fodmap, gluten, and dairy-free options to suit people with special dietary requirements.

Debuting her career in the publishing industry at delicious magazine in 2002, Chrissy has contributed to countless magazines and books as a nutritionist, food and health writer and recipe developer and is author of 4 nutrition-based cookbooks published by Murdoch Books. She is currently in-house nutrition editor for, regular recipe contributor for Healthy Food Guide in addition to offering clients one-on-one nutrition consultations at the ‘Mindsight Centre’, a wonderful integrative health practice located in the beautiful Northern Rivers region, which she calls home.


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