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On the Australian Weight Loss Surgery Podcast we share tips, insights and recommendations from leading bariatric specialists, to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals and live a life of health and vitality. Nutritionist Jacqui Lewis and her guests dive into aspects of diet, fitness, wellbeing, mindset and lifestyle that come together to achieve great results on your weight loss surgery journey.

Episode 30_Tackling the stigma around Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery in our community with - Shannon Taylor

In the news recently there has been discussion around the judgment and embarrassment so many people feel when seeking help for obesity and weight loss. Jacqui speaks with Bariatric patient and BNspired Ambassador, Shannon Taylor, about what a complex situation this is and what's needed in the wider community to lift this stigma, educate those around us, and provide a non-judgemental, inclusive discussion for those still suffering from obesity. 

Episode 29_Let’s Do This! with - Rob Dunningham

Most of you would have seen Rob’s regular and inspirational shares in the group - I have to say, his journey is one of the more pragmatic stories I have heard. The underlying message is  Recognise the need to change -  Make decisions. - EXECUTE! You’ll find Rob’s story will change your mind about all your Maybe, I can't and I won't

Episode 28_Inspiration On Tap! with - Alita Cobb

Join us as we chat about the WLS journey first hand with Alita Cobb. Alita has turned one opportunity into another and has reached out and grabbed all that her new healthy lifestyle has to offer. Its not always easy, but Alita's story will outline just what can be done to be sure you're living your best life

Episode 27_Sports Nutrition after Bariatric Surgery with - Nick Wray

Many on the WLS journey truly do make incredible changes - from feeling quite unfit to becoming elite athletes is not unheard of. To do this requires the Correct balance of FUEL. Jacqui and Nick explore the ins and outs of sports nutrition after weight loss surgery and how to fuel your body to meet the increased needs intense exercise requires.

Nicholas Wray

Dietitian, APD

Qualifications :

Master of Nutrition & Dietetics (Flinders University)

Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition (Deakin University)

Bachelor of Applied Science – Exercise & Sports Science (University of SA)

Work History :

Nick has worked as a clinical dietitian for more than 20 years, both in the public health system and privately. Nick originally worked at Flinders Medical Centre as a specialist Gastrointestinal dietitian and in the Intensive Care Unit, as well as in his private practice where he saw many sports nutrition clients and was a consultant Dietitian to many clubs and programs. Nick now works full time in private practice, where he continues to see people for gastrointestinal conditions, sports nutrition and maintains a strong interest and commitment to bariatric surgery clients.

Nick started seeing bariatric clients for Professor Jim Toouli and Dr. Lilian Kow when they first brought bariatric surgery to Adelaide. Nick has continued this relationship over the past 16 years, and now is an integral part of the multidisciplinary team at Adelaide Bariatric Centre.

Episode 26_Reaching your potential in all areas of life with - Ben Harvey

Ben's passionate about helping people craft a life filled with purpose, passion, and love regardless of where they have come from, where they are today, or where they are going. He’s directly impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people from around Australia and globally with his best-selling programs, business and mindset products, public speaking, live events, and more recently, online courses. His message to all is simple, and that’s to “live your love”.

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Episode 25_Christmas Navigation

Not sure how to navigate the Christmas season with your weight loss goals intact? This episode uncovers some great strategies and suggestions, as well as real input from a few of our BN Bariatric group members who joined Jacqui for a chat about how to get through Christmas no matter which food stage you are in.

Episode 24_Pain education with - Ananda Mahony

Ananda Mahoney has a Masters in Pain Management and is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Naturopath.
Jacqui and Ananda explore chronic pain and its impact on everyday life. Ananda's message raises the question of the impact of nutrition and the right type of support. on pain. There is a lot that can be done through holistically approaching pain management. 

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Episode 23_Create The Life You Want To Live - Gay Landeta

Gay has mastered the art of unlocking human potential using kinesiology and counseling. Gay's work is aimed at helping those who are either moving through a period of change, or those feeling like life just hasn't been the joy ride you feel it could be. This episode indicates how subtle the work is, but how groundbreaking the results are.

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Episode 22_Brain Blinkers and Beyond

Antony Bonnici has been a motivational speaker for 15 years, and he is the author of the book and the program "Brain Blinkers" so if you have reached the point where "will power is not enough" and you feel your true potential is just out of reach you could unlock these "Brain Blinkers" using Anthony's easy to follow and effective system.

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Episode 21_Perfect Portions for long term success

Amanda Clark is an award-winning Bariatric dietitian and founder of the Portion Perfection Plate and Bowl. Jacqui and Amanda discuss the importance of establishing string portion control habits to support long term success after surgery. Amanda Is the owner of Great Ideas In Nutrition in Tweed Heads, and has been practicing in the bariatric realm for more than 20 years. Listen up! There's much to learn here!

Episode 20_Be Fit with Food!

After dramatic weight loss, life changes. Old clothes no longer fit like they used to. In fact, our clothes don't fit our SELVES anymore. Anne Whitaker is a specialist in Colour and Style, and is gifted at setting up your wardrobe to reflect not only your new body shape but is instrumental in helping to let YOU shine through!

Episode 19_MTHF.... What?

Jacqui and Carolyn Ledwsky, founder of MTHFR support explore this widespread but largely unexplored genetic "glitch" that is present in about 60% of our population. Listen up as we explore what this MTHFR thingy might mean for you or your loved ones, and what largely simple changes in your diet and supplementation can help in so many ways - from abating anxiety and depression,  infertility, recurring miscarriage weight gain, and a range of other chronic health issues.  

Episode 18_Be Fit with Food!

Jacqui chats with Kate Save, Dietitian, Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist, and CEO of Be Fit Food, fast track weight loss packages, using WHOLE FOODS, supporting all weight loss intentions, but also specific to the Bariatric Community.
Kate discusses the importance of using FOOD as your friend, in her program she strategically put them together, to be tasty, nutritious, and educate the user on what is possible using food, not food replacements, and factory-made drinks and supplements.

Episode 17_Weight Loss and regain all in the Mind!

Jacqui meets with Amber Kay form The Fresh Start Program and the Co-author of "Get back on track after WLS''. There's so much more to just meal planning and willpower to achieve your long term goal after surgery. Your beliefs, Mindset and relationship with food need to be explored, and the roadblocks uncovered. Amber talks about this in-depth as well as providing an amazing offer to bnmulti listeners with huge discounts off her End Mindless Eating and Get back on Track Program.

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Episode 16_Issy's Story

When life hands you lemons - make lemonade. Listen to Issy's story about curved balls and large life-changing decisions, and how she got to the point of beginning her WLS journey. Jacqui and Issy also discuss the stigma that can come with being overweight, and the support networks needed to get to the end goal.

Episode 15_Insight into Bariatric Surgery and Beyond

Jacqui talks with Prof Michael Talbot about WLS, what leads patents to each type of surgery, what to expect, is revision surgery the key? Michael outlines the importance of a team of support, and why time and education are your best friend in every stage of the WLS journey.

Episode 14_You Are Feeling Sleeeepy

Is iron deficiency a real issue? What causes it, what are the symptoms and what can we do about it? Here's a quick snapshot about iron and the effects on health when you're running low.

Episode 13_What's all the talk about protein?

In this podcast, Jacqui takes a closer look at protein. Exploring different types of proteins, and their pros and cons, which types of protein are ideal for health, and your goals after surgery.  Different foods contain either complete or incomplete protein, and all have their place in supporting your health after WLS. 

Jacqui also discusses your daily protein target and how to calculate your personal needs, based on your goals and your activity levels.

Episode 12_Importance of VITAMIN B12 after WLS

Jacqui explores VITAMIN B12 and the effects of WLS on the absorption of B12, how much do you need?
Where do you get it? How do you know if you're running low?
Listen in  for a quick glimpse of how to manage the risks of B12 deficiency after WLS.

Episode 11_Changing your hard with Shannon Taylor

Shannon  Taylor and Jacqui chat about his journey so far from feeling helpless to riding across Australia - it's been a fascinating re-creation of this amazing human!
We doubt you can listen without feeling more excited about what's possible after WLS If you put in the hard yards.

Episode 10_Impact of nutrition after Surgery

Jacqui talks candidly with Merril Bohn, a specialist dietitian from North Eastern WLS and the Melbourne Centre For Bariatric Surgery about the impact of food and nutrition can have after surgery, what needs to change, and how to prevent health issues linked with deficiency after surgery.
Merril has been in the game for 30 years - so her advice is a sure way to fast track your success - she shoots straight to the heart of the issue.

Episode 9_Charlie's Story

In this week's Podcast, Jacqui Talks with Charlie Palupe about his long and winding road to WLS success.
Charlie elaborates on the importance of commitment, introspection, and external support systems that have to lead him to feel the best version of himself inside and out.

Episode 8_ Melanie McGrice talks Health and Fertility

Well known Melbourne dietitian Melanie McGrice chats with Jacqui about being overweight and the chances of making a healthy baby. Melanie divulges lots of great info about what you can do to prepare and attain optimal health prior to conception after weight Loss surgery, what your extra nutritional considerations will be, and why it is recommended we wait 12-18 months to conceive after Gastric Sleeve or Bypass.

Special episode: The Fanny Mechanic

Surgical Weight Loss and supplements with Jacqui Lewis This week Jacqui is in the HOT SEAT - talking all things nutritional after weight loss surgery with none other than Natasha Andreadis "The Fanny Mechanic" Fertility specialist, Ob Gynae, and Reproductive Endocrinologist. Tash delves deep into the nutritional needs of the Bariatric Patient and why a specific Multivitamin is a lifelong commitment not only to improve the chance of conception, but for overall health and prevention of complications linked to malnutrition after WLS. Don't miss this one!

Episode 7_ Weight Regain

Are you stuck feeling like you're heading in the wrong direction? Regain after WLS can really be defeating.  Here's a quick bite on how to handle it, and what might be the sneaky contributors 😉

Episode 6_ From Disorder to Healing Lexi's story

This week's guest on the WLS podcast is Lexi Crouch. Lexi candidly talks with Jacqui about her history of disordered eating, how it started, and what steps she took to heal and thrive. Lexi is an inspiring example of persisting until she found the right combination of support for her. Her story could be the one that helps pave the way for others feeling stuck. 

Episode 5_ Are all the multivitamins the same after WLS?

Here, Jacqui spells out the specific differences between your Bariatric Multi and the ones you might find on the supermarket or chemist shelf.  After surgery, your body is forever changed, and malabsorption of some nutrients needs to be supported by supplements.  Here we explore what the thinking is behind the BN Multi-range, compared to the default brands. Adequate supplementation is your insurance policy - protecting your health for life after WLS 

Episode 4_ Relationships and the Weight Loss Surgery Journey

Jacqui talks with Weight Management Psychologist Glenn Mackintosh to further explore relationships with family, spouses, supporters and naysayers after weight loss surgery and the tools you can use to turn them into your biggest advocates.

Video ‘Dieting Couples: Support or Sabotage?’
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Episode 3_ Ensuring long term success after Weight Loss Surgery

Jacqui talks to Dr Arun Dhir, Bariatric Surgeon and author of Happy Gut Healthy Weight, about the key concepts he encourages his patients to adopt to ensure their weight loss after surgery is healthy and sustained for life.

Episode 2_ Nurturing a new relationship with self and food

In this episode of the Australian Weight Loss Surgery podcast, Jacqui Lewis Nutritionist and Glenn Mackintosh Author of Thinsanity, discuss in depth the changes in your relationship with food and self that is a huge contribution to long term success after weight loss surgery of any kind.

Weight Management Psychology clinic: 
Thinsanity: 7 Steps to Transform Your Mindset and Say Goodbye to Dieting Forever:  

Episode 1_ What is Bariatric Surgery? What can I expect?

BN Multi's Clinical nutritionist Jacqui Lewis talks with Dr Arun Dhir, a leading bariatric surgeon for 25 years. Here they explore the differences between Gastric Sleeve, RNY Bypass and the application of each surgery, as well as outcomes that can be expected and how to determine the best procedure for each individual's situation.