From Friends to Empowerment: Unveiling Weight Loss Surgery with Our Sleeve Podcast Team

Feeling alone and unsure of where to begin on your weight loss surgery journey? Well let me tell you something, you’re not alone.

In this episode, Mel and Kellie, two lifelong friends in different stages of their vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) journeys, strive to share important information about weight loss surgery (WLS) with the world. They both mention meeting each other in middle school and discuss their individual experiences and motivations for undergoing bariatric surgery. Kellie then shares that she tried various treatments, including visiting an acupuncturist, but didn’t receive the understanding and validation she had hoped for. The acupuncturist doubted the severity of her pain, which led her to quit her pain medications in frustration.

They also  dig into the creation of the “Just Be You Awards” show, an event that celebrates the achievements of bariatric patients after their surgeries. Their goal is to showcase how people’s lives can improve following weight loss surgery and to encourage others on their own journeys.

Tune in to hear Mel and Kellie’s inspiring stories about their weight loss surgery journeys.  Don’t miss out – listen now and embark on your own transformative journey! 

  • Episode Highlights

    • How did Mel and Kellie meet each other
    • About their surgery journey
    • Acupuncture as alternative for pain relief when other treatments didn’t work
    • About “just be you” awards
    • Importance of consistency and involving the community.
    • Time commitment and the importance of staying on track.
    • Touching on the topic of regain and its significance.
    • Recognizing the podcast’s role in providing firsthand accounts and insights.
    • Reflecting on personal motivation and the desire to empower others. 
  • About Kelly and Mel:

    Mel Gottfried – Hey there, fabulous folks! It’s me, Mel, here to share a bit of my journey with you. So, picture this: I’m 25, living my best life, when the universe throws a curveball – my dad’s battle with liver cancer at just 59. Talk about a wake-up call! With a family history that’s like a dramatic movie script (nine siblings, all checking out a bit too early), I knew I had to rewrite the ending.

    So, I looked in the mirror – 308 pounds of pure potential – and decided it was time to give my life a makeover. Seriously, I felt like I was in a full-on body lock! Cue the drumroll, because on May 13, 2015, I took the plunge and got the VSG weight loss surgery. Yep, I decided it was time to take control of my story and create a healthier, happier narrative. Let’s keep the pages turning, shall we?

    Fast forward 8 years, folks! Can you believe it? I’m on the other side of the journey, over 125 pounds lighter, and still rocking that fabulous energy! My body has become my partner in adventure – I’ve discovered the joys of movement, the thrill of pushing boundaries, and the pure fun of living life to the fullest. Who knew shedding those pounds could lead to gaining so much joy? Here’s to celebrating life, health, and the incredible journey we’re all on. Cheers to many more years of unstoppable awesomeness!

    Kellie Wilson – Meet Kellie Wilson, this content creator and podcast host embarked on a remarkable transformation after facing the challenges of autoimmune disease lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia in 2014. Battling chronic pain and fatigue, Kellie found solace in food, leading to her weight spiraling to 270lbs and size 18 clothing. Kellie’s mobility was limited, and he became her caretaker. Despite trying various diets, the weight crept back each time, and exercise was not an option due to health constraints. In a bold move, Kellie decided that a drastic change was needed. In April 2019, she underwent a vertical sleeve procedure, a bariatric surgery that removed 80% of her stomach. A true miracle followed – not only did Kellie shed pounds, but her pain vanished, and her mental clarity soared. Flare-ups became rare, and she bid farewell to the eight pills she took daily for pain management.

    But Kellie’s journey didn’t stop there! After facing the end of her marriage due to her transformation, she encountered a setback with some weight regain. Yet, Kellie’s resilience shone through. With the assistance of Sequence and GLP-1 medications, she bravely tackled the challenge head-on. Defying the odds, she shed an additional 54lbs, emerging even healthier and more determined than ever. Kellie’s journey isn’t just about personal transformation; it’s a mission to shatter the stigmas surrounding obesity. She’s a fierce advocate for change, fighting to replace judgment with understanding and compassion. Kellie’s story is a beacon of hope, reminding us all that every setback can be a stepping stone toward a brighter future. Her journey is an inspiration to her podcast listeners, friends, family, and the entire weight loss surgery community. Her story is a testament to the power of determination and self-love.