Episode 57_Building Your Bariatric Surgery Support System with Jane Stoltze

Any type of surgery is no joke. However, it could be someone’s turning point in life, and an integral part of having a successful surgery is having the right support. 

Today, I am joined by Jane Stoltze, Bariatric Dietitian and Weight Loss Surgery Coach. She talks about her experiences implementing the common trends to support her clients during surgery until their recovery. Jane also emphasises the benefits of having the right people to surround you on this journey.

Your weight loss journey only begins after surgery, so make sure to arm yourself with the people and tools you need. 

  • Common trends in the recovery and nutritional needs of patients after Bariatric Surgery 
  • The need for the right support system before and after surgery 
  • Benefits of building habits in the first year of post-surgery 
  • The 4 key areas people struggle with and need support around after surgery
  • What a dietitian can do for you 
  • Learning how to manage eating cycles and difficult eating situations 
  • Understanding your bodily queues and how to respond to these
  • Bariatric Nutrition Boot Camp

Connect with Jane Stoltze:

Jane Stoltze is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD), Mindful Eating Educator and Certified trainer.

Over her career, she has provided clinical nutritional management of patients covering many areas. Still, she has decided to specialise in caring for people before and after their Bariatric Surgery.

Jane is passionate about educating and coaching people to reach the full benefits of their Weight Loss Surgery and establishing healthy lifelong habits.

She also loves snorkelling, a nice glass of vino, and is a mum to a gorgeous 6-year-old boy!

The Bariatric Nutrition Bootcamp is an online coaching program headed by Jane Stoltze. It combines education and coaching with the community for support.

Through this boot camp, Jane focuses on the 4 key areas known to be a challenge post-surgery. These are: 

  1. Learning what and how to eat (connect to managing hunger and cravings)
  2. Identifying and managing weight regain habits
  3.  Meal planning
  4. Trusting body and food

If you’d like to try out Jane’s program, we offer a 10% reduction by simply placing the code AWLSpodcast! I believe this program is worth investing in, so try it out!