Enlighten Me with Dr. Angela Kwong

When patients come to see General Practitioners for support and care for their weight management, yet, all they feel is stigma and discrimination. General Practitioners just throw the blame back on them, which is supposed not to be the case. 

In this episode,  we are joined by Dr. Angela Kwong, a General Practitioner with a special interest in medically supervised weight loss. Today she will talk about how she handles her patients, especially if they are not yet ready to talk about weight loss. Dr. Angela’s Enlightened Me program has helped many clients understand their body needs. Instead of restrictions, it’s about sustainable eating. 

She also discusses the medication option and problems of weight medication for weight loss. 

Reach out and don’t guess your situation, Dr. Angela Kwong will definitely enlighten you about it. Listen now! 

Get access to all the Bonus learning materials that Dr. Angela Kwong mentions in the Podcast for the listeners, including: HERE

  • The Weight Assessment Tool
  •  Free Facebook Group called Medical Weight Loss for Australians
  •  The replay of the Weight Loss Masterclass held on 16/11/22 called Weight Loss has NOTHING to do with restrictive eating, burning calories or fighting cravings
  •  A link to book a free Weight Loss Breakthrough Call
  •  Social media links to my Facebook, Instagram and Website
  • Dr. Angela’s thoughts on the current weight management
  • The importance of close follow-up for weight loss
  • Long-term view when making healthy changes
  • How Dr. Angela moves around the conversation of having chronic disease onto a weight-based conversation
  • What’s included in the Enlightened Me Program
  • What’s changed in the realm of weight loss medications

Dr. Angela Kwong is a General Practitioner with a special interest in medically supervised weight loss.

She is one of only 19 GPs in Australia with SCOPE Certification from the World Obesity Federation.

She is the Director and Principal GP at Upliftmed and the creator of the Enlighten Me program.

Enlighten Me is a medically supervised weight loss program that provides individualised medical care, and specific nutritional advice, alongside support, coaching and understanding.

She is a mother of one, and in her spare time, she enjoys learning to dance ballet online and finding creative ways to fix things!

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