Unlocking Weight Loss Potential: Exploring the Impact of GLP-1 Agonists with Dr. Angela Kwong

Did you know? The transformative effects of GLP-1 agonists are potent allies not only in the fight against diabetes but also key to unlocking weight loss potential in a clinical setting.

In this episode, Dr. Angela Kwong, a General Practitioner with a special interest in medically supervised weight loss discusses medical weight loss, particularly through exploring the benefits and mechanisms of GLP-1 agonist drugs, which have been effective in aiding weight management and even diabetes control. Comparing the outcomes of GLP-1 drugs with those of bariatric surgery, Dr. Kwong assesses their efficacy, seeking to understand the complex relationship between pharmacological interventions and surgical options. 

Dr. Kwong’s approach involves thorough assessments of patients’ medical histories and medications to tailor treatments and manage expectations. Recognizing the dynamic nature of patient commitment, she supports those reconsidering medications and addresses the challenges of hunger and behavioral change to mitigate muscle loss. Catering to varied patient circumstances, Dr. Kwong is committed to enhancing weight loss outcomes with a comprehensive array of interventions.

Tune in to our latest episode featuring Dr. Angela Kwong, as she dive into the benefits, mechanisms, and efficacy of these treatments.  Don’t miss out on optimizing your weight loss journey—listen now!

  • Dr. Kwong’s expertise and interest in medical weight loss

  • Exploring the benefits and mechanisms of GLP-1 agonist drugs

  • Results and outcomes of medication-only interventions for weight loss

  • Assessing medical history and medications

  • The need for lifestyle changes

  • Patients changing their mind about receiving medications

  • Addressing hunger and recommitting to behavioral change

  • What’s behind the muscle loss

  • Patients looking for help from a range of different situations

  • Outcomes of bariatric surgery and GLP one analogues

  • Things that can help to make either of GLP one and bariatric surgery

  • About her medically supervised weight loss program “Uplift Med”

  • Practitioners working together for better patient outcomes
  • Dr. Angela Kwong is a General Practitioner with a special interest in medically supervised weight loss. She is one of only 19 GPs in Australia with SCOPE Certification from the World Obesity Federation. She is the Director and Principal GP at Upliftmed and the creator of the Enlighten Me program. Enlighten Me is a medically supervised weight loss program that provides individualised medical care, and specific nutritional advice, alongside support, coaching and understanding. She is a mother of one, and in her spare time, she enjoys learning to dance ballet online and finding creative ways to fix things!